Buccaneers Reveal New Uniforms

A couple of weeks ago the Tampa Bay Buccaneers premiered their new logo and helmet designs.  Today, two days before the scheduled reveal, they released pictures of their new uniforms, tweeting “We were so excited about our new look, we couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you!”.

New Uniforma


The new uniforms feature primarily red home jerseys and primarily white away jerseys, so the main colors haven’t changed. Of course if you follow the Buccaneers, you know they have a tendency to wear the white versions at home too (presumably to deal with the Tampa heat).  Several Buccaneers have tweeted out pictures and praise for the new looks and defensive tackle Gerald McCoy mentioned on an Instagram post that there are “White pants and 4 different sock options as well!!”.

The new jerseys have had mixed reactions outside of the organization, but with any change there is generally some disagreement. Personally, I’m anxious to see the newly dressed Buccaneers in action. I appreciate that they kept generally the same colors and I like the pop of orange, perhaps a tip of the hat to the “creamsicle” days. They donned a similar touch  with the recent Reebok jerseys which featured orange outlines on the numbers. If I have one complaint, I’m not a fan of the font on the numbers, they look a bit like pointier versions of digital clock numbers. I’m not convinced the numbers needed that much of a change, I prefer the rounder standard numbers most of the other teams have.

Here’s hoping the Buccaneers look good and play hard in 2014.



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