Buccaneers Introduce New Logo and Helmet

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers premiered a new helmet and logo on Thursday. The change to their flag logo is a computer rendered update that adds a little depth and a more intimidating looking skull, coupled with a new font.


The reinvention for the helmet is incorporating this new logo and at a bigger scale.



The most drastic redo is the new pirate ship that is more detailed, more dynamic and primarily red. The ship adorned the most recent jerseys and will presumably be featured on new jerseys, which are to be revealed on March 5th.


The only major redesign in the team’s history was seventeen years ago, when they replaced their infamous “creamsicle” uniforms. Those uniforms are now commonly associated with a time in the Buccaneers’ history when they were the worst in the league. When they first joined the NFL in 1976, they couldn’t win. They went 0-26 in the regular season, a record-setting losing streak no other team has even nearly approached since.

The uniforms, colors and logos that the Buccaneers wear now have the more positive association of a team that were playoff contenders for many years, had the most dynamic defense in the league and even won a Super Bowl.

That said, the Buccaneers have been on a steady decline since that Super Bowl win. It may be time to shake things up a little to try to reinvent. The Buccaneers are in a time of change, they have a new head coach and staff as well as a new general manager. This new look is probably an attempt at an outward expression of the positive changes they are hoping for in the team.


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