Buccaneers Sign Quarterback Mike Kafka

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced yesterday the signing of quarterback Mike Kafka. Kafka started his NFL career in 2010 as a third string quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. In his two years with the team he only played in four games. Since then he’s signed with the New England Patriots then the Jacksonville Jaguars but his tenure with both teams was short lived and he saw no game time. The reality is that Kafka isn’t really game-tested. He was a promising player in college, but since has only seen backup play.

The Buccaneers haven’t mentioned their plans for Kafka but presumably he’ll be a backup to current starter Mike Glennon or whoever fills that role come next season. There has been a lot of talk about the future of the franchise at the quarterback position. Last season, the Buccaneers released Josh Freeman who was starting his fifth season with the team. They then promoted rookie backup Mike Glennon to starter but the decision to do so was made by the former head coach and general manager. After his rookie season with a 45.6 quarterback rating, slightly under average, some question whether Glennon has what it takes to be a franchise leader.

With the shift in staff there’s the possibility that head coach Lovie Smith and company will want to make a fresh start with a quarterback he’s selected. The Buccaneers certainly have the draft position, with the 7th overall pick, to get a viable quarterback, and there are at least a few prospects within the league.

Possibly the hottest option in free agency is Michael Vick who, after an injury, took a backseat to Nick Foles in Philadelphia last season. It’s a case of a player who is too good to be a backup getting replaced by a younger, equally talented player. Vick likely still has a career ahead of him and the Buccaneers could really use a leader with experience and more of a veteran presence in general. I’m not sure if Vick is the right fit, especially since we don’t know much about Smith’s plans for the Buccaneers’ future, but he’s certainly worth considering. Furthermore, there have been rumors this past week that the Buccaneers may be interested in Vick, but nothing has been released from an official source.

The Buccaneers are at a crossroad and fans are somewhat limited on insight into the future. With a new staff and possible roster changes it’s sort of a wait-and-see situation. So far, the only player moves have been Kafka’s signing and the release of four players Gabe Carimi, Michael Hill, Derek Landri and Jordan Rogers.

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