Buccaneers Host Rams


Photo by: Aaron Josefczyk/Icon SMI

St. Louis has played a good season all year.  They are 6-7-1, but will fall just short of the playoffs, just like the Bucs.  Nobody expected St. Louis to improve as much as they did, just like very few people expected Tampa Bay to perform as well they did.  Unfortunately, neither team will make the playoffs.  The Buccaneers made a strong push to make the playoffs, but have fallen into a downward spiral to end the season.  The Rams looked out of the race before making a late surge at the end.  It was a little too late for them, however.

The offense is led by veteran back Steven Jackson who has proved that he still has a lot left in the tank. He has rushed for over 900 yards, and will likely reach 1000 yards yet again in his storied career.  He will be the main focus for Tampa Bay to stop, which works right in their favor.  The Bucs still have the top ranked rushing defense in the NFL.  The Rams have won most of their games with a well balanced attack.  Their defense has played well in the games they have won, mainly through stopping the pass.  With Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins in the fold the secondary is greatly improved.  That is bad news for Josh Freeman in this one.

Really the main factor for this game is who wants it more.  Neither team has a lot to play for, but both have a lot to be proud of.  There are a lot of young players on each team that still have a lot to prove.  As long as Tampa Bay is not too discouraged from their four game losing streak, they do matchup pretty well with the Rams.  Hopefully it ends up being a good game between two young up and coming teams.

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