Game Preview: Buccaneers at Broncos

A big game awaits the Bucs in Denver, but most aren’t giving them much of a chance.  Despite playing very hot and only recently losing a one point game to Atlanta, oddsmakers have Denver as nearly 10 point favorites.  I know Denver may be the hottest team in the NFL and Peyton Manning is salivating at the numbers he could put up against this injury plagued secondary, but 10 point favorites?  This will be a hard game to win for Tampa Bay.  A lot is going against them, but that has been the story all season for Tampa Bay.  I’m sure Greg Schiano is coaching his boys up to the big game and the possibilities that could open up with a win today.

Some of the early game updates that effect the Bucs, Seattle is currently on top of Chicago by 3 points.  Minnesota leads Green Bay in Lambeau by 1 in the 3rd Quarter.  Detroit is likely out of the hunt, but do lead the Colts by 2 right now in the 3rd Quarter.  A lot of close games in the early bouts today.  If things can start going in Tampa’s favor, they could sit pretty well after Sunday if they can pull out a victory.

A minor update:  Brandon Stokley is inactive for today’s game.  He is having a solid year as Manning’s third receiver.  He is more of security blanket than an impact player, so his loss isn’t devastating.  Manning still has Thomas and Decker so plenty of options for the future hall of famer.

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