Chiefs Coming to Tampa


Photo by: WD/Icon SMI

Kansas City is under a lot of scrutiny and it all starts with Matt Cassel.  He will take a seat in this game, however, after suffering a concussion last week against Baltimore.  Bring in Brady Quinn, who has been labeled a first round bust for some time now.  He is not going to light the world on fire, but he may be able to at least hang on to the ball.  The Chiefs stats are not horrible, except one.  They can not hold onto the ball.  Last week they outplayed Baltimore in almost every way, but they turned the ball over 3 times in route to a 9-6 loss.

The key to stopping the Chiefs is all in stopping Jamaal Charles.  He has been a man possessed in the last few weeks.  He will get a good amount of yards, but the Bucs will need to find a way to slow him down a bit.  Luckily, that has been their best phase of the game so far.  They want the ball out of his hands as much as possible so they can force Brady Quinn into as many mistakes as possible.

The Chiefs defense really stepped up last week to keep a good Baltimore offense to only 9 points.  That wasn’t enough to win, but they are starting to turn around.  They have a ton of talent on defense with pass rushers Houston and Tamba Hali.  Josh Freeman may be running for his life if the offensive line doesn’t step up.  They have great players in the secondary also in Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry.  This has led them to a top ten pass defense.   They have struggled to stop the run, so Doug Martin and Blount could be used a lot in this one.  Well, they should run a lot.  This game may go extremely quick.  Both teams seem likely to run a lot, and take some off the clock quickly.  Which ever rush offense is most effective should win this game.

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