Bye Just What Bucs Need

After another tough loss, Tampa is heading into their bye week without a lot to think about.  They can’t dwell on their latest loss too much because they need all the preparation for their next game as they can get.  They have a very winnable game on the slate, with KC up next.  They have an incredible RB with Jamaal Charles, but they are fairly one dimensional with Matt Cassel at the helm.

Tampa Bay is going to have to make some changes if they want to start finishing games, however.  The offense at this point has been average, but they have so much more potential.  They were forced to abandon the run early in their last contest, but this needs to be point of concern going forward.  I’ve said it before, a lot, but I’ll say it again.  Get Blount the ball!  The power runner still has a lot left in the tank, and should be a good compliment to Martin.  He doesn’t have a great YPC yet, but that has to be thrown out the window considering he has barely touched the ball.  Schiano finally acknowledged the situation last week, and seemed to be more in favor of getting Blount some touches before the game started to get out of hand.

The much bigger concern is the defense.  They have been abysmal stopping the pass, and that has to change.  Personnel wise, the secondary isn’t exactly stellar.  Talib has to step up his game.  He may not be a role model off the field, but he is likely the most talented member of the secondary.  Mark Barron may have something to say that soon, but the rookie still needs to polish off his game as well.  They don’t need to the best, but they have to improve on their current situation.  Losing Adrian Clayborn may be the biggest blow.  Michael Bennet and Gerarld McCoy have picked up some of the slack, combining for 7 sacks, but the rest of the team has just 2 combined.  If the defense can start to improve, the Bucs can really start to stack up some wins.

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