Redskins Coming to Town

The Bucs will face RGIII and the Redskins this Sunday in a game featuring two 1-2 teams.  Both won week one, but have been stuck there since.  Rookie phenom Robert Griffin III has put up some hearty stats, but fell to the mediocre Rams and lost a shootout against Andy Dalton and the Bengals.  The Skins defense has struggled to stop the pass so far this year.  Even in their win against New Orleans they gave up a ton of passing yards to Drew Brees.  That is understandable considering, well, it’s Drew Brees.  However, giving up huge yardage to Sam Bradford and Andy Dalton in back to back weeks is a little concerning.

A big concern for the Skins is their pass rush.  Top pass rusher Brian Orakpo is out for the season, which has left a big hole in the Redskins defense.  This is an obvious opportunity for the Bucs.  Even though Freeman hasn’t been sparkling this year, if he can find his top targets in Jackson and Williams he should have a pretty solid game.  The key is limiting the turnovers, preferably to zero.  The running game needs to be worked in, but this has to be on Freeman’s shoulders.  With Martin struggling in the early season, Freeman needs to take the reigns and win this one himself.

Stopping the Redskins offense could be challenging.  RGIII has put up some major stats, but he hasn’t been perfect.  Forcing the rookie into some turnovers will be key strategy, even with Adrian Clayborn out.  Fellow rookie Alfred Morris has had a very strong start to his career, so limiting the damage of the running game will be another key.  This is a winnable game, for sure.  When a team is led by two different rookies on offense and has a horrid pass defense, they are vulnerable on several levels.  If the Bucs want to take a step in the right direction, beating the Skins at home will the perfect start.

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