Buccaneers Must Stop Cowboys Offense

Things took a turn for the worse for Tampa Bay last Sunday.  The team, who had a spectacular game against the Carolina Panthers in week 1, blew a huge lead to the New York Giants.  They allowed 41 points from the returning Super Bowl champions.  They cannot play like this on Sunday if they wish to beat the Dallas Cowboys.

The Buccaneers need to look into their defense and find out what happened on Sunday.  The team played sloppily and seemingly gave up in the second half to a Giants team that got a second wind.  This cannot happen against America’s team if the Buccaneers wish to have a chance.  Tony Romo and the Cowboys offense has way too many weapons for the Bucs D to be able to squeak by.  They will need to get a tight game plan together and start the game out rushing Romo and putting as much pressure on him as possible.  Romo has been known to make mistakes when he is flustered, and that could be just what Tampa Bay needs to pull this game out.  They will have to find ways to keep receivers Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and Kevin Ogletree at bay though, because Romo is an accurate thrower.  The first chance he gets he lets the ball fly, often for large yardage gains.  The Bucs will have to have all their ducks in a row if they want to make a game out of the matchup on Sunday.

The NFL odds Sunday show the Buccaneers at +7.  While this is a very manageable number for bets, they will need to dig deep if they want to come out of the game with a win.  Their defense is the key to making sure they make the game competitive.  Pressuring Romo is what will get the job done.

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