Bucs Face Polarizing Cowboys


Photo by: Richard A. Brightly/Icon SMI

Dallas headed into New York in week one on the opening game of the season and defeated the defending champions without much trouble.  They then face a Seattle team with a rookie QB and was blown out of the water.  This has long been the formula for the Cowboys who seem to be able to beat the best and lose to the worst.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but big D has always been confusing.  They have a great amount of talent on the defense and offense.  That hasn’t always been the formula for wins though.

The offense is led by statistically elite Tony Romo.  Few quarterbacks have had better stats than Romo in the last 5 years in the regular season, but Romo has always been hampered by the big game.  This isn’t really a big game.  Don’t get me wrong, this is an important game for both teams, but not one that will Romo up at night.  Then again, either was the Seahawks.  His targets include Dez Bryant, who has about as much talent as any receiver in the league.  Miles Austin continues to be a force, especially in the red zone this year.  The big difference in this years Cowboys is that Demarco Murray is fully entrenched as the feature back.  Felix Jones is still there, but is used primarily as a handcuff and third down back.  Murray is force, and probably the best back the Cowboys have had in a long while.

The defense can give up points, but the corners are certainly the best they have seen in years.  Brandon Carr signed a big contract to become their top guy, and Maurice Claiborne was chosen in the first round to shadow the WR on the opposite side of the field.  Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams will definitely have to work to get their catches in this one.  Marshawn Lynch ran all over the Cowboys defense last week, so the way to win may be in Doug Martin’s hands.  That isn’t extremely comforting idea in my head.  Martin has been the feature back in the first two games, but hasn’t really blown any defense out just yet.  I know he has the talent, but putting the game in his hands this early in his career could spell for disaster.  I wish they would write Blount back into the game plan.  The two combined could be a real headache for opposing defenses, but Schiano seems to disagree.

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