Buccaneers Team Looks To Bounce Back Against America’s Team

Week 2 was a disappointing time for any Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, as they blew a huge lead to the New York Giants and ended up with their first loss of the season.  The Buccaneers looked good out the gate with multiple touchdowns and a team that was running up and down the field.  They could not maintain a lead against the Super Bowl Champions, however, and ended up losing 34-41.  If they can get a good game out of running back Doug Martin and keep the ball in quarterback Josh Freeman’s hands, they may have a shot at defeating a Cowboys team coming off a crushing loss.

Rookie back Martin has looked good in his first two professional football starts.  He rushed for 95 yards in week 1 against the Panthers and ran for 66 yards with a touchdown this past week against the Giants.  That effort was not good enough, however, and he could not lead the Bucs to a victory against a New York team that looks to be regaining their footing.  Martin will have to worry about the Giants’ arch nemesis Dallas Cowboys this week.  The Cowboys have made some big moves on defense this year, so Martin should be wary with his carries.

Another person who should be wary of the Cowboys defense is the Bucs quarterback, Josh Freeman.  America’s team has two brand new cornerbacks that are ready to pick off some poorly thrown balls, so Freeman should play cautiously.  He had two picks against the Giants on Sunday, so he certainly is no stranger to interceptions.

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can maintain ball control and keep the game out of the hands of their lackluster defense, they may be able to beat the NFL odds and cover the +7 they need against the Dallas Cowboys.  They will need spectacular games out of Doug Martin and Josh Freeman to get this done, however.

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