Buccaneers Fans Show Optimism Through Ticket Sales

Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon SMI

The Buccaneers have been very active since their 2011 season ended with a pitiful 4-12 record. Since then the Buccaneers have fired their head coach, Raheem Morris, and replaced him with Greg Schiano. Additionally, they signed the star receiver from the Chargers, Vincent Jackson, cornerback Eric Wright, and guard Carl Nicks. The Buccaneers also added safety Mark Barron to their secondary by selecting him the eighth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Buccaneers front office has been extremely busy, and they are hoping that Schiano will be able to piece everything together for a successful 2012 NFL season.

One thing has been proven as a result of the Buccaneers busy off-season, the fans approve and are approaching the 2012 season with optimism. How exactly are they showing their optimism? The only way that makes the Buccaneers management happy, through ticket sales. The Tampa Tribune has reported that despite the 4-12 season last year, ticket sales haven’t decreased. And as a result of the NFL changing their rules to only require 85% of tickets being sold to avoid blackouts, the Buccaneers are in good shape and the games should be available on local TV for the Bucs Nation.

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