Falcons vs Bucs

This weekend at Raymond James will show alot towards where the NFC South title will end up this year. The Bucs are not yet ready to make that step. Josh Freeman has shown a great ability to win the game in the waning stages, but this week he will make too many critical mistakes to beat a solid team like Atlanta. Atlanta’s defense will come with too much strong pressure for Freeman to deal with. The Bucs only hope is to run the Falcons ragged with LeGarrett Blount, and keep the ball away from Matt Ryan. Problem is, Atlanta knows this as well as I do.

On defense the Bucs need to hold Michael Turner to minimal gains, or the play action pass will kill them deep. If  Turner is breaking loose early, look for Ryan to shred the Tampa coverages. The Bucs just don’t have the secondary to match up with Atlanta’s recievers, so they will need to hit Ryan with regularity. I see a bit of a blowout for Atlanta, 31-10. This doesn’t mean that Tampa won’t be back later in the year, but the Birds look to be ahead of them at this point.

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